Leadership Circle

Here leaders can reflect on difficult situations and work on new solutions. Together with colleagues, we discuss each case and look for new opportunities. We focus on leadership skills but also on self management, customer relations and finding the right position.

Change processes

In this workshop leaders who are involved in change processes can reflect their doing, handle resistance and find new ways of successfully leading the change.

Leadership tools – drop your tools

Psychological tools for daily leadership business are demonstrated and discussed. The second key point is to get to know and use oneself effectively, ultimately improving one’s own leadership skills.

Team development

Identifying and increasing team performance are the main topics in this workshop. The focus lies on rules and processes. Individual needs are reflected and conflicts discussed and solved.


Facilitation of strategic workshops, e.g. on new products, change of market, change of organisation…

Humour and solution orientation as leadership principles

In this workshop leaders discuss attitudes and tools to find new solutions for difficult situations. The focus is mainly on topics such as leadership, self management, customer management.

All workshops include coaching principles.

Additional workshops as requested.