Leadership makes the difference

Dr Susanne Klein and partners work with company leaders and managers with a focus on supporting them in understanding and playing “the game”. By playing competently, leaders are able to create success for their companies. This happens on different levels in our coaching. Key points are sorting out conditions, enlarging perspective and refocusing perception to make success happen. Inner clarity makes it easier to take and keep the lead.


Various workshops and presentations enlarge participants’ perspective of the world and support them in goal-orientated development and performance.

Coaching for Performance Management

Our second core area is the development and qualification of consultants, trainers and leaders as Business Performance Coaches. Our coaching qualification won the European Mentoring and Coaching Council award in 2008. Leaders can use coaching tools to amplify their leadership skills.

Our methods for consulting, training and coaching concentrate on solution-orientation and humour. Humour is an attitude toward life which enables us to laugh at ourselves and ensures that we do not take difficult situations too seriously. In combination with tolerance and respect, humour makes it possible to reduce stress and to return to serenity, making life easier. Humour keeps social relationships going, holds teams together, increases performance and supports goal achievement.