Business Performance Coach

Verleihung des EMCC-Awards an Dr. Susanne Klein

Certified coaching programs on various levels according to European Standards

We offer a coaching qualification in Business Performance Coaching based on the standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC): Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner and Master Practitioner. The programs have been structured according to the guidelines of the EMCC--many assessed and awarded.

Target groups are trainers, consultants, human resource managers and others who want to receive a qualification which is globally recognized and respected. Leaders who want to extend their leadership competence with coaching are also invited to take part. The certificates allow participants to apply for an EMCC accreditation as coach.

Pictures: Madrid 2010 and Bonn 2008

Course Goals

EMCC-Certification of programms with Dr. Susanne Klein

The program focuses on practical aspects. The first three programs take approximately four months each. The Master Program requires two years, with an emphasis on developing and testing new approaches to coaching, finding one’s area of specialization, and establishing one’s place in the market. One of the main topics here is individual contribution to the practise.

All programs are organized to be integrated into professional availability.

Goals of the Individual Programs

1 Foundation


2 Practitioner

3 Senior Practitioner

4 Master Practitioner



All groups start once a year
Next Foundation: 2016 November, 10
Next Practitioner: 2016 December, 15
Next Senior Practitioner: 2017 January
Next Master Practitioner: 2017 February
Equivalent qualifications from other coaching programs will be considered.