Coaching - choose a focus

Coaching enables people to navigate themselves effectively. Especially in changing situations in business and private life, coaching can suppor you to reflect and accomodate or assimilate strategies, believes and behavior. Knowledge and experience are helpful resources. Relevant for your success is to stay flexible and to play the game.

Coaching supports you in enlarging your boundaries, to empower you and to refocus your attention on resilience. This makes it possible to sort out things and find new perspectives to focus on. With this attention management you get to know yourself better and gets you back in the drivers seat. This inner clarity makes you thinking and acting empowerd and aligned.

Thinking and acting out of the box makes you grow and reach your goals.


A special form is the Team-to-team-Coaching. We as a team coach your team and work in peer groups on your account. With this we can empower your and on the same time we can align your team and support the team development.

Online Coaching

A scond special form is the Online-Coaching. We start with a get to know session and a contracting. Afterwards we keep in touch via new medias. Advanage: You can use your coach as often as you want and there is no need for travelling. You can discuss, exchange charts and think about questions as often and as long as you want. We use Email, Skype and telefone to be in contact. Sessions are about one hour.